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Past and Present - Leg #3
After a few days in the Chilean Atacama desert (the driest place on earth), we will ride north into Peru.  Heading high up into the Andes mountains to lake Titicaca (the highest navigatible lake in the world) and visit Bolivia.  From there, it will be on to Cusco, Peru and Machu Picchu.  We may head a short distance east from Machu Picchu to visit the Amazon, or we may visit the jungle when further north in Peru.  On our way to Lima, the capital of Peru, we will also visit Nazca (and the Nazca lines) and an oasis in the desert named Ica.
   From Lima, we ride through northern Peru, staying as close to the coast as possible and then into Ecuador, again likely hugging the coast, but perhaps with a visit to a volcano or two. Colombia looks amazing, and includes some waterfall hot springs as well as an absolutely beautiful basilica church.  To end this leg, we will arrive at the port town of Turbo or Cartegena and try to find our way around the Darien Gap to Panama.  The Darien Gap is an impenetrable jungle between Colombia and Panama,  the only area where a road doesn’t exist connecting north and south.  Only a few people have made it through with vehicles, and we wont even attempt this, we will boat around the gap to Panama.

Planned date - January 4, 2017 - January 26, 2017
Leg approximates - 5700kms in 21 days  (271km per day average)
TOTAL SO FAR 17,700 kms

The route shown above is an extremely general guidline. As with all travel, but especially by motorcycle, things change a fair bit on the fly. When we hear about something we really want to see and it is off the route, we will re-route accordingly.
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